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Quick Cash Returns

Cardinal Health and Pharma Logistics partner up to provide a pre-funded solution and dramatically decreases the time from return submission to receipt of cash. Take advantage now.

The Truth
Behind Batch

You’re probably familiar with the term “batch processing,” but I’d guess you probably don’t know the details of how it works. Why should you care? Well, because it may be costing you money.

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Why Use

Founded in 1996, Pharma Logistics is a leading reverse distributor in the pharmaceutical industry. We work with all major GPOs and wholesalers, and 97% of our customers sign on to work with us year after year.

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Don’t spend any more time or effort on pharmaceutical returns. Pharma Logistics makes it easy for you. We handle all the details fast with our 3-Step Returns:

1: Clean out your storage.
We’ll pick up anything you can’t dispense. Or, box and ship them to us.

2: Comply with regulations.
We’ll help your pharmacy pass every inspection.

3: Collect the credit you deserve.
We’ll track your returns and notify you when credits go through. You’ll see how much you get back for every product.

With Pharma Logistics, it’s as easy as 1-2-3.