Cardinal Health Partners With Pharma Logistics

Cardinal Health has teamed up with Pharma Logistics, a nationally recognized pharmaceutical returns company, to offer you a hassle free returns program. You can now process your expired, unsalable products through Pharma Logistics and receive a payment for your returns within 60 days! Guaranteed!

The Quick Cash Returns program is designed for retail pharmacies to simplify the labor intensive and time consuming process of tracking the credits when returning unsalable merchandise to third-party returns processors. The traditional process requires the pharmacy to track credits that occur over a period of 18-24 months back to a third-party return submission. Since pharmacies are returning unsalable product periodically throughout the year, the effort required to tie the credits back to the correct request is fairly painful. In addition, the entire time those submissions are open, the pharmacy does not have access to those valuable working capital dollars. This Quick Cash Returns program, a pre-funded solution, dramatically decreases the time from return submission to receipt of cash. It also outsources the laborious task of tracking what returns had been processed and connecting credits to specific products.

In order for you to take advantage of the Quick Cash Returns program, you must first sign up with Pharma Logistics® using the enrollment form below. Cardinal Health will pay 80 percent of the value of the receivable and make a payment to your pharmacy in approximately 60 days from the submission of the return. Once enrolled, Pharma Logistics® will contact you to train you on our specific returns process.

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