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Pharmacy technicians discussing medication synchronization

The Changing Role of Independent and Retail Pharmacy Techs in 2021

August 24, 2021

The current pandemic has upended the community pharmacy business model, dovetailing with ongoing trends in care, technology, and marketing to create new roles and responsibilities for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians alike.  Shifting Pharmacy Technician Roles With many pharmacies unable to survive solely by dispensing prescriptions, pharmacists have increasingly expanded clinical care beyond flu shots and …

The Impact of COVID on Pharmacies: Demand for Telehealth

August 13, 2021

If pharmacists and doctors had reservations about telehealth, it melted away during the COVID-19 pandemic. Video conferencing calls proved to be an effective way to talk with patients while keeping sick and vulnerable patients away from others. Once telehealth solutions were made available many patients who had previously opted to come into the pharmacy chose …

The Impact of COVID on Pharmacies: Breakdown of Healthcare IT

COVID-19 has had a major impact on the healthcare industry, especially in the pharmaceutical space. Drug availability, healthcare infrastructure, and patient behavior have all changed in ways that are predicted to last long after the days of the current pandemic. When it comes to infrastructure, healthcare IT and online databases have always been weak points …

The Impact of COVID on Pharmacies: Worsening Drug Shortage

August 12, 2021

Drug shortages were a problem before the pandemic. COVID-19 has furthered the issue by negatively impacting supply chains, intensifying already existing drug shortages. According to Kit Check’s 2020 Hospital Pharmacy Operations Report, 86 percent of hospital pharmacists reported that the pandemic has caused drug shortages to occur more frequently, with 62 percent experiencing over 10 …

The Pharma Logistics’ Customer Portal Dashboard: Because Visibility Matter

August 5, 2021

At Pharma Logistics we understand that making the right business decisions is critical to your profitability.  We also know that to do that, you need a clear view of all the relevant data.  That’s why we’re handing you the keys to real-time, item-level visibility on every pharmaceutical return so you don’t lose money. Our customer …

PharmaWaste Services Now Available to Pharma Logistics Customers for Easy Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

January 11, 2021

Is your pharmacy struggling to deal with pharmaceutical waste? Pharma Logistics’ new PharmaWaste program can help.   If you’re like most pharmacies, you know that managing pharmaceutical waste is costly and time-consuming. Fail to dispose of it properly, and you could face hefty fines of thousands upon thousands of dollars per day. Not to mention, if things get bad enough, you run …

Do you know your ERV?

What’s Your Expected Return Value?

November 27, 2018

Reverse distribution is a dynamic industry which determines drug cost according to many rapidly-changing variables, each of which fluctuates according to price data, calculations and more. Prices are recalculated and modified at every link of the drug supply chain, making pricing a science. For example, WAC (Wholesale Acquisition Cost) and AWP (Average Wholesale Price), are …

Women in Pharmacy

Is Rapid Credit Right for You?

November 26, 2018

According to a 2018 report from the HDA (Healthcare Distribution Alliance) Research Foundation (titled ‘The Role of Reverse Distribution), reverse distribution generates more than $13 billion annually in product values. This represents a major opportunity for pharmacy owners and directors to recoup significant ROI from recalled and returned products. To get their return credits, many pharmacies …

Drug Take-Back Programs Improve Communities

October 25, 2018

Benefits of Drug Take-Back Programs Drug Take-Back programs at pharmacies offer community members the opportunity to properly dispose of prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications. Disposal of these substances offer three key benefits: Helping to prevent prescription drug abuse Reducing risk of accidental poisoning Decreasing environmental hazards including water contamination due to medications Take-Back Programs Can Make a Difference …

Top Challenges for Pharmacy Technicians

Top Challenges for Pharmacy Technicians

October 19, 2018

As a pharmacy technician, you are a key member of the pharmacy team. You’re the friendly face behind the counter. And you’re the detail-oriented team member tracking inventory in the back. In your role, you face many demands that even the most seasoned technicians consider challenging. We understand patient care is at the top of …