Online Analytics

Online Analytics

Real-time Analytics and Tracking

Not every vendor gives you reports showing where your credit is in the return process, and how much you can expect to collect. It can be hard to make business decisions and review your expected return value without real-time insight into the process.

Pharma Logistics provides you analytics and a dashboard highlighting each return project, manufacturer payouts and where your credit is in the process. And all of the data can be exported to support compliance and financial reporting.

Enterprise-Level Reporting Boosts Business Intelligence

Pharma Logistics’ dedicated hospital services include dynamic and customizable enterprise-wide data reporting, ranging from corporate-level to individual sites providing the most complete data available for the pharmaceutical returns process. Enterprise-level reporting available through the customer portal helps drive process improvements through efficient and effective data presentation to help you build business intelligence and make better decisions.


The reconciliation dashboard provides a visual snapshot of your returns.

You can view open jobs to review payback analytics.


Visibility into the return’s process through dynamic reports.