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Pharmaceutical Return Services

Pharmaceutical Return Services

Pharmaceutical reverse distribution is crucial to remaining compliant. Efficiency and ease of return are essential to a successful pharmaceutical returns program. Every client and location is different, so we offer you return options

Return Options:

All pharmaceutical return services are available through our traditional credit program or our Rapid Credit Program.

Whatever option you choose, you will get great customer service and access to the 24/7 online account information and analytics from our real-time Customer Portal. If you are already working with another vendor, moving over to Pharma Logistics is easy no matter what return options you use. We partner with most GPOs and wholesalers to save you more on pharmaceutical returns and make the process easy.

Box and Ship Is Easy and On-Demand

If you prefer to keep outside vendor visits to a minimum you can use our self-serve Box and Ship service to send your unused or expired drugs to Pharma Logistics. You can use our traditional credit program or our Rapid Credit Program. With our Rapid Credit Program, receive credits within 14 days from the day your product arrives at our facility.

To get started, fill out your DEA 222 request forms, put your returns in the box we provide, and ship them to us on your own schedule. We’ll take it from there and email you a closing statement. We provide you with:

  • Prepaid shipping labels
  • Tamper-proof bags
  • DEA 222 request forms

Clients served:

Onsite Services Save You Work and Time

When time is of the utmost importance, our Onsite Services free your staff from labor and paperwork to focus on their core duties. Our friendly and knowledgeable local field service representatives take care of everything, from generating all DEA paperwork to preparing your returns shipment. Our Onsite Service is the easiest way for you to stay compliant and collect payment for pharmaceutical returns. Onsite Service is available with our traditional program or our Rapid Credit Program. With our Rapid Credit Program, you can receive credits within 14 days from the day your product arrives at our facility. Plus, you can track every transaction 24/7 via our real-time Client Portal.


What Clients are Saying

  • “Pharma Logistics has been overwhelmingly easy to work with.  They are responsive to questions and provide good communication.  This is a completely different experience than in the past with our former vendor. I did not realize things could be so seamless.” Teresa Ard Manager, Global Sourcing Cardinal Health
  • "We have had great experiences working with Pharma Logistics. Pharma Logistics’ Field Service Representatives are prompt, work in a timely manner and handle all outdates, including controlled substances. In return, we save time and money by not having to perform this service on our own. We are extremely happy with Pharma Logistics as our reverse distribution vendor and look forward to a continued professional relationship." Darla Schwendeman Pharmacy Buyer Camden-Clark Medical Center
  • "Pharma Logistics has been providing reliable, hassle-free onsite pharmaceutical return services to Wayne County Hospital for approximately 10 years. Their friendly staff ensures proper documentation for return transfers, helps us maintain regulatory compliance, and provides credit in a timely fashion."   Sandra Anderson Director of Pharmacy Wayne County Hospital
  • “Pharma Logistics continuously provides us with great customer service. Our Field Service Representative is reliable, courteous, and knowledgeable. He handles the entire process, including generating the appropriate paperwork and preparing the returns shipment. The Onsite service from Pharma Logistics saves us time, allowing our staff to focus on their core duties. Breckinridge Memorial Hospital has come to trust Pharma Logistics for precise processing and returning the most credit possible.” Harry Mattingly Director of Pharmacy Breckinridge Memorial Hospital
  • “Pharma Logistics is a refreshing change from our previous service provider. The service level and visibility into the returns process that we have with Pharma Logistics was not available with our previous vendor.” Claire Arment Operations Manager Midwest Family Health
  • "The transition to Pharma Logistics from another reverse distributor was seamless; we have been very happy with Pharma Logistics' onsite service and the availability of data on the Pharma Logistics' customer portal." Sondra Donald Director of Pharmacy Boone County Hospital Pharmacy
  • "From on-the-phone customer service to onsite service visits and timely credit disbursement Coulee Community Hospital's experience with Pharma Logistics has been positive and I highly recommend Pharma Logistics." Charla Henke-Brenchley Pharmacy Buyer Coulee Community Hospital
  • “Pharma Logistics supports us in our mission to consistently provide superior, reliable healthcare services to our patients. Switching to Pharma Logistics’ services eliminated the tedious task of scanning and processing products so our team can focus on providing excellent patient care. They are professional, efficient and easy to work with.” Brenda De Vries HR Manager/Office Assistant Vyto’s Pharmacy

How to Get Started with Pharma Logistics

Whether you are currently working with a pharmaceutical reverse distribution company or doing all the work yourself, getting started with Pharma Logistics is easy. Just call us at 888.729.7427 or email to plcustomerservice@pharmalogistics.com, and we will make sure you get all the information you need to make the best decision for your pharmacy, practice, hospital or facility. You won’t miss a beat if you would like to move from another vendor to Pharma Logistics, so don’t hesitate to call us.

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