Trade Classes

Pharma Logistics provides time-saving solutions to fit your needs

We specialize in pharmaceutical reverse distribution, handling the return credit process for Hospitals & IDNs, Retail Pharmacies, Government Facilities, and Closed Door Pharmacies across the nation. With onsite and box and ship services for all the trade classes, we have a solution for your reverse distribution needs.

To learn more about how Pharma Logistics can best serve you, select your trade class from the list below:


Hospital & IDN

Hassle-free pharmaceutical returns save time and labor. Plus, faster credits help support your hospital’s cash flow and ROI, all while helping to reduce your reconciliation time by up to 25 hours per month.


Retail Pharmacy

A full range of pharmaceutical services covers everything you need to remain fully compliant. Also, faster credit means you can boost cash flow and generate reoccurring revenue with reduced reconciliation time.



Join the Department of Defense—Outside Continental United States, the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs, the Indian Health Service, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency in trusting Pharma Logistics.


Closed Door Pharmacy

If you’re a physician’s office, veterinary clinic, correctional facility, or any other closed-door pharmacy, we have convenient solutions to fit your unique needs.

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The Pharma Logistics’ Customer Portal Dashboard: Because Visibility Matter

At Pharma Logistics we understand that making the right business decisions is critical to your profitability.  We also know that to do that, you need a clear view of all the relevant data.  That’s why we’re handing you the keys to real-time, item-level visibility on every pharmaceutical return so you don’t lose money. Our customer …
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PharmaWaste Services Now Available to Pharma Logistics Customers for Easy Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

Is your pharmacy struggling to deal with pharmaceutical waste? Pharma Logistics’ new PharmaWaste program can help.   If you’re like most pharmacies, you know that managing pharmaceutical waste is costly and time-consuming. Fail to dispose of it properly, and you could face hefty fines of thousands upon thousands of dollars per day. Not to mention, if things get bad enough, you run …
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Pharma Logistics Introduces ROI Calculator

CHICAGO – August 14, 2020 — Pharma Logistics introduces Rapid Credit ROI Calculator for pharmacies to calculate their expected return value from the company’s Rapid Credit Program. The new calculator, available at, yields expected credit value based on average scripts per day or annual pharmacy spend derived from extensive research into spend per scripts, …
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