What’s Happening?

Effective October 28, 2019, Pharma Logistics acquired Stericycle’s pharmaceutical returns business and has begun serving existing Stericycle customer contracts. Pharma Logistics is happy to welcome you to our family of customers and look forward to serving your pharmaceutical reverse distribution needs. We would like to address a couple of key questions about the transition up front. A full list of Frequently Asked Questions can be found below.

  • You will be automatically enrolled in Pharma Logistics’ Rapid Credit Program.
  • Your current services will not be disrupted. Stericycle returns shipments were rerouted to Pharma Logistics starting on October 21, 2019.
  • Pharma Logistics will honor your Stericycle pricing contract. Upon using Pharma Logistics’ services, the standard Pharma Logistics’ terms and conditions will be in effect.
  • You can access the Pharma Logistics Portal here or on our website www.pharmalogistics.com. You can use the portal to view terms & conditions, request supplies and 222 forms, as well as, access key analytics.  

The Pharma Logistics Rapid Credit Program.

Pharma Logistics’ Rapid Credit Program is the equivalent of Stericycle’s Fast Pay program. With the Rapid Credit Program, Pharma Logistics Delivers More. More Accurate Credits. More Visibility. More Dedicated Service. More Value to Your Bottom Line.

More Accurate Credits. Pharma Logistics’ twice-patented Precision Processing™ allows for line-item reconciliation and dynamic pricing translating to highly accurate Expected Return Value (ERV). For our customers, this equates to more cashflow and more recurring revenue.

Faster Credits. The Pharma Logistics’ Rapid Credit Program returns cash to your pharmacy in 14 calendar days. That’s 14% faster than Stericycle.

More Visibility. With Pharma Logistics’ Online Client Portal, you can track your returns and credits in real-time. You have 24/7 access to information such as:

  • Expected Return Value (ERV)
  • Rapid credit payments and open jobs
  • Line item reporting
  • Data exports to support compliance and financial reporting

More Dedicated Service. At Pharma Logistics you have a dedicated Customer Advocate and dedicated Onsite Service Technician. In fact, if you are a current customer in Puerto Rico, your Onsite Service Technician will remain the same.

More Expertise. Pharma Logistics has 23 years of experience focused solely on reverse distribution.

More Compliance. Pharma Logistics is the industry’s first Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributor (VAWD).

To learn more about how the Pharma Logistics’ Rapid Credit Program compares to the Stericycle Fast Pay program, check out our infographic.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, this acquisition is specifically for the pharmaceutical returns service portion of Stericycle. Stericycle is a large, global business services provider and their other services are not affected. If you have other services with Stericycle in addition to pharmaceutical returns, those will not be impacted.

Founded in 1996, Pharma Logistics is the trusted, proven industry leader in reverse pharmaceutical distribution services, including rapid credit, box and ship, onsite and drug take-back programs. Pharma Logistics has spent 23 years solely focusing on reverse distribution. Pharma Logistics’ clients include hospital pharmacies, the Department of Defense and Veterans Health Administration, independent pharmacies, pharmacy chains and physicians’ offices.

Any returns prior to October 21, 2019 are being processed by Stericycle and coordinated with Pharma Logistics to make sure you receive payments accordingly. Returns shipped on or after October 21, 2019 will be sent directly to Pharma Logistics.

Upon using Pharma Logistics’ return services you agree to Pharma Logistics’ standard terms and conditions. The terms and conditions can be found on Pharma Logistics’ client portal. Information for accessing the portal has been provided in a welcome packet sent via email from your dedicated Pharma Logistics’ customer advocate. If you have any questions or need help accessing the portal, contact plcustomerservice@pharmalogistics.com or 888-729-7427.

October 28, 2019.

No, Stericycle returns shipments were rerouted to Pharma Logistics starting on October 21, 2019, so any returns after that date are being processed without delay. Moving forward, you will work directly with Pharma Logistics. Any returns shipped prior to October 21, 2019 are being processed according to Stericycle terms and conditions.

Yes. Rather than contacting Stericycle for your pharmaceutical returns services, you will contact Pharma Logistics. You may reach Pharma Logistics’ Customer Advocate team at plcustomerservice@pharmalogistics.com or 888-729-7427.

You will receive a welcome packet with information on your dedicated customer advocate who will help you navigate the process.

For customers in Puerto Rico, your Onsite Service Technician will not change and you will receive a dedicated Pharma Logistics’ Customer Advocate.

No. Current Stericycle customer contracts, including pricing, are honored under the terms of the acquisition.

Although return credits may vary in this business due to manufacturer return policy and Expected Return Value calculations, Pharma Logistics processes via a patented technology, yielding highly accurate Expected Return Values.

Expected Return Value (ERV) is what Stericycle referred to as Estimated Cash Value (ECV). For more information on ERV refer to Pharma Logistics’ blog “Do You Know Your ERV.”

Just as quickly, if not faster! All Stericycle customers who are part of the Fast Pay service will be transitioned to Pharma Logistics’ Rapid Credit Program, which is expedited processing for pharmaceutical returns with both financial and operational benefits for your pharmacy. Under the Fast Pay service, credits were paid out in 12 business days, whereas the Rapid Credit Program is paid out within 14 calendar days. This means that under the Rapid Credit Program, you may receive your check up to 14 percent faster than you previously did.

More information on the Rapid Credit Program is provided in your welcome packet as well as online.

You will continue receiving your current services under honored contracts, however with Pharma Logistics, you have additional service choices. In addition to the Box and Ship or Onsite services for returns, Pharma Logistics also offers value-added programs such as drug take-back kits.

As a Pharma Logistics’ customer, you have 24/7 access to our state-of-the-art client portal for real-time analytics and tracking. In this user-friendly portal, you’ll be able to access robust reporting showing the status of your return, Expected Return Value and Rapid Credit payments. And all the data can be exported to support compliance and financial reporting.

In addition to this reporting, for Box and Ship services you will able to access the DEA 222 form through the portal along with requesting supplies.

We have you covered when it comes to compliance. With Pharma Logistics you are EPA, FDA, DEA, OSHA, and DOT compliant. Pharma Logistics’ employees undergo rigorous and ongoing training to stay up to date on adhering to proper procedures. Pharma Logistics is:

  • The industry’s first Verified-Accredited Wholesale (VAWD) Distributor
  • Drug Enforcement Agency licensed for Schedule II–V
  • Licensed or approved in all required states and Puerto Rico
  • Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements No. 16 Type 1 attestation
  • A Healthcare Distribution Management Association Returns Task Force member
  • Fully bonded and insured
  • Listed for Environmental Protection Agency Large Quantity Generators status
  • EPA, FDA, DEA, OSHA, and DOT compliant

For additional compliance information please visit: https://www.pharmalogistics.com/compliance/

We’re here to help make this transition as easy as possible. Do not hesitate to reach out: plcustomerservice@pharmalogistics.com or 888-729-7427.

Welcome to Pharma Logistics